The Pageant...

We're entering round 2...

The Pageant Of the People!
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This is NOT pageant that judges you by your looks. You will be given assignments to do, and surveys to fill out for me to get to know you better, and to choose the one I think is the best all-around fun-loving TEEN QUEEN, to be named Ms. Lovely!

-You must be female, sorry boys!
-You must come up with a creative pageant name, such as Ms. Totally in Love, and include it every time you make an entry.
-You must have entries in by the due date or it will not be counted.
-If you want to join late, after the pageant has begun, contact me at lasttuesday212@aol.com or become a member and leave a comment.
-Do everything in an organized fashion, do not create a mess, because I don't want to have to search around for anything!
-If possible, make your pictures visible on the screen, but if not, include a link.
-You must do everything in an assignment to qualify, though I will notify you if you don't have it completed.

In round 1, I will narrow my choices down to 20 people out of all the entries.

In round 2, I will eliminate 5 people, leaving 15.

In round 3, I will eliminate another 5, leaving 10.

In round 4, I will eliminate 4, leaving 6.

In round 5, I will eliminate 2, leaving 4.

In round 6, I will eliminate another 2, leaving 2.

FINALLY, in round 7, I will eliminate the last person, and name one Ms. Lovely!

I have made my first cuts, and out of 29 entries, there are 20 left. Good luck ladies!

PAGEANT MEMBERS: The remaining 20.

Ms. Southern Pride-

Ms. Blonde at Heart-

Ms. GA Peach-

Ms. Pageant Diva-

Ms. Beach Bum-

Ms. Teen Dream-

Ms. Sunkissed Beauty-

Ms. Peachy Keen-

Ms. Summertime Princess-

Ms. Hot Legz USA-

Ms. Hollywood Chung-

(none available)

Ms. Cowboy Babe 2004-

Ms. Wonderful-

Ms. Sugar and Spice-

Ms. Perky Shoe Lover-

Ms. Exotic Beauty-

Ms. Summer Belle-

Ms. Pixietail-

Ms. Kenny Chesney-

Ms. Flexi Sexy-