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Queens Of Hope Pageant!

I'm not entirely sure if this sort of post is allowed in this community, so I apologize if I am violating any community rules...

Hello all you beauty queens! I need your help!

I am going to be competing in a pageant in May called the Queens of Hope pageant. This is a very special pageant, since there will be no prizes awarded. Why you ask? Because this is a fundraiser! 100% of ALL money raised for this pageant is going to be donated to the local Relay for Life Cancer Foundation. All of the participating contestants have been asked to raise as much money as possible by the pageant date to help in this noble cause.

This is a cause that is very close to my heart. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with cancer. After going through 3 surgeries in less than 2 months I was healthy. My boyfriend’s mother is a breast cancer survivor. After months of intense Chemotherapy treatments she is now cancer free.

I would personally like to raise a minimum of $250 to donate to this cause. This is where I need your help. I would like to ask everyone to donate just $1. Even a small donation such as that will help fund cancer treatment research. Please, mail just $1 dollar bill. A stamp only costs $0.37. So for a total of just $1.37 you can help save someone’s life. Please mail all donations no later than May 15th to: Queens of Hope C/O Tonya P.O. Box 236 Sand Fork, WV, 26430

Or if you would like to make a larger donation, or if you would like to donate instantly via PayPal, please use the PayPal Button below...

Thank you everyone. Any amount you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated.
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