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Cuts and New Assignment

The cuts have arrived...

(Most of you didn't put your pageant names, or I would be using those as well)

OKAY... so few people did this one that I am just going to skip a round  so I can get caught up. So after this is round 4.











born2beadancer </b></span>

Okay, for this you will have to put together an outfit. An outfit that you wold wear on your first day back to school, when you know everyone is going to be judging everyone else. You need:

- a shirt and pants/skirt, unless it is a dress

- jacket/sweater/blazer/coat

- shoes

- a bag/backpack/bookbag

- 2 accessories, can be like a necklace, ring, pin, belt, anything really.

Please include pictures if possible, if not, include links.

I will post back and tell you when they are due.

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I'm a little scared by this one. The last pageant cut me because I was the only one who picked tennis shoes and jeans.

Can you help me a little. What kind of school? Is it to fit my personality, your personality, or everyone's personality?

Can we dress up in something we have and then take a picture and describe what we're wearing?


Sure, wear tennis shoes and jeans. And you can take a picture of clothes that you own, any pictures will do, just make sure to include every aspect that I asked for. It's to fit your personality, and it's just public school.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Jen ♥
yay, i made the next round. congrats to all that did and good luck next time to those who didn't. can't wait to get started but it will be a bit b/c my computer is at the computer doctor and i will be busy over the next few days.
Yay! Thanks hun. ^^ Congrats to everyone else who made the cut.
I can't see any of your pictures.... could you include links?

they don't work because i deleted the pictures on my photobucket. i will redo this in a day or two

Sorry these are so big!

this one is the best!! i love this kind of stuff <33

---> i know you said this was supposed to be for public school, but i went to a private high school (im in college now).. i dont know if this is more dressy than what you are expecting, but this would be my "first day of school" outfit! :D :D

chanel sunglasses

juicy couture jacket

majorica pearls

bebe top

pucci tote

juicy couture skirt

manolo blahnik shoes

i hope you like <33333
Hi, I need to withdrawal. I hate to come this far and do this, but I need to. College takes up a lot of my time, and I don't have the time to go scouring the internet for pictures.

Thanks! It was fun!
sorry my pics are being retarded and its not working....
<3, Miss Blonde at Heart
Sorry, college has been consuming almost alllll of my time, so I am going to have to withdrawl from this pageant. Good luck to the rest of the contestants and thanks for allowing me to get this far, I really appreciate it!

With love,
Samantha (aka Ms. Peachy Keen)