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Out of 29 entries, only 20 will remain.

Congratulations if you are invited to stay! If you cannot continue in the pageant for any reason, please contact me.

If you are not invited to stay please leave the community.


Ms. Southern Pride- I like Uma, but I still think you are really cool! I LOVE Julia Stiles!

Ms. Blonde at Heart- Scrabble is for intellectuals, not at all fun. UNLESS YOU MAKE UP WORDS!

Ms. GA Peach- Jessica Simpson is adorable... such a ditz!

Ms.  Pageant Diva- Country music ROCKS! You seem like a fun, sweet person

Ms. Beach Bum- Awesome, nuff said...

Ms. Teen Dream- Country is great... and SO ARE YOU!

Ms. Sunkissed Beauty- I think it's cute that you've never been on a date... and Adrian Brody is GREAT!

Ms. Peachy Keen- Ha ha, I think it's great that you end up with all the kids in LIFE, just PEACHY!

Ms. Summertime Princess- I hate all my ex boyfriend's too. Everyone Does.

Ms. Hot Legz USA- It's cute that your boyfriend is your ideal guy... awww, how sweet!

Ms. Hollywood Chung- Country is the best, but I hate Justin.

Ms. Cowboy Babe 2004- You like Pretty Pretty Princess... good stuff.

Ms. Wonderful- I LOVE Gone With the Wind! I thought I was the only one...

Ms. Sugar and Spice- Drew Barrymore is my favorite actress, and you won me over just with that. Plus you have great teeth.

Ms. Perky Shoe Lover- You seem like a really positive person... I like it.

Ms. Exotic Beauty- I am madly in love with Ashton Kutcher.

Ms. Summer Belle- You are just awesome, and really sweet!

Ms.  Pixietail- You seem very yourself. and I love LIFE!

Ms. Kenny Chesney- You are GREAT! GO KENNY!

Ms. Flexi Sexy- I don't like Britney Spears... but you tripped on your first date! Ha ha...


Ms. Sweet 16- Sorry, I'm getting rid of friends! It's just not fair... But I love you!

Ms. Puppy Love- Sorry, I'm getting rid of friends! It's just not fair... But I love you!

Ms. I Still Know More Than You- Sorry, I'm getting rid of friends! It's just not fair... But I love you!

Ms. Queen of Everything-  You like O-Town and Britney Spears. No thank you!

Ms. Plastic Surgery- Are you kidding, or was that a serious entry?

Ms. Heart of Dixie-  OK, you like Kenny Chesney, that's good, but you like VOLATILE? And how could you not like Drew? This was close...

Ms. Punky Dork- You seem kind of unintelligent, I love english, and you seem to be  illiterate.

Ms. Me Myself and I- Concieted hardly says it. You are really scary looking. GRRAR!

Ms. Uniqueness- I'm really, REALLY scared of you.

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YAY i made it. lol. congrats to all the others who made it and good job to those you didn't.
Thanks.... you too!
Thanks for the compliment on the teeth, and oh yeah, Drew DOES rock. She rocks really hard. :)
thanks peachstreeeet!!


♥ Ms. Beach Bum
You can call me Jen... ha ha, it just sounds weird being reffered to by my username.
lol, k. sorry!

thanks jen!!! :)
YAY! I made it! Thanx! <3
I was looking around at different communities and I saw your and was like wow that sounds interesting. So I looked around and read some stuff that you had wrote and it says "This is NOT pageant that judges you by your looks." Well just out of curiousity...why did you get rid of a bunch of people because of their looks?? For instance, whoever Ms. Uniqueness and Ms. Me Myself and I told them both that they were scary! Hmmm...I would think twice about what I am writing!!

you have your opinion, and thats great. but if Jen says that this pageant doesnt judge people by their looks, then she probably had actual reasons to cut those people -- perhaps something they wrote in their survey, she didnt agree with.

she never once referred to their looks as "scary". get the facts straight, please.

its cool that u posted anonymously... but how about next time leaving your name.


How about you get your facts straight...Scroll up and look for yourself!!
"Ms. Me Myself and I- Concieted hardly says it. You are really scary looking. GRRAR!"
"Ms. Uniqueness- I'm really, REALLY scared of you."
She clearly stated that one of the girls was really scary looking! haha...Nice Try though!
I wanted to say thanks for moving me on because I was myself.

I was myself in the last lj pageant and they booted me because I love the pair of Blue Sketchers Shoes I have that were "Sooo last season!"

I was told to turn in my "Woman Card" because I didn't like shoes as much as the mod, and the ones I did like were sneakers.

Thanks for not being so shallow and closed minded to people who are unlike yourself.

You rock!

scared of right.
****scared of me? right.
Thanks! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I have been roughing it in the great outdoors of Maryland. I'm glad I made it though, and good luck to all the other girls who made it too!
Yay! Glad I've made it. ^^ Thanks for the compliment too. Good luck to the rest of the girls. <3