gracefallson_me (gracefallson_me) wrote in pageant_fun,

A Great Site

hey girls. i just thought that i would throw in some promotion here about a website full of pageant attire. this website has former and present pageant contestants selling some of their pageant wardrobe and some of my stuff will be on there soon as well. i just thought in case anyone was looking for soem dresses or suits and stuff yall might want to take a look. there isn't much now but it is a start. most of the girls selling are from the Kentucky and Ohio area but i am sure that if anyone else wants to sell their stuff, she will be more than happy to post your stuff. so here is the site and i hope yall check it out and i will let you know when my stuff is posted if anyone is interested.

this will be cross-posted to the pageant communities i am in.
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